Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Painting: Regency Goodbye

A great portrait of life in Regency England. I adore her hat and coat. There is an expression of sadness in her face. The gentleman is clearly a dandy. Perhaps his courtship is unwanted?


  1. The painting strikes me as a bit ambiguous: it's not clear whether her expression is in response to his perusal-having raised his 'quizzing glass'-or whether she's lost in her own thoughts. If so, I would have rather painted him as sad or puzzled too, in sympathy with her mood and exercising empathy to understand her.

    It's also not clear whether the red on her cheeks is from blushing, or rather part of her makeup. Given that Queen Victoria labeled the use of cosmetics by those other than actresses 'vulgar', one might speculate that she's blushing...

  2. Perhaps instead she's just 'rosy-cheeked'....